Thursday, September 16, 2010

Entering Disturbia

I could hear the leaves rustled as the breeze blew towards me. The wind was cool and refreshing. It was invigorating even when I was in semi-conscious state. My mind was blank as I gradually came to my senses. Before I stood up, I realized I was lying on the asphalt concrete of an unknown street.

Picking up my balance, I felt a sudden swirl of nausea through my mind. My mind was still blank. No clue as to why was I here. Amnesiac for I couldn't recall anything. I could barely remember my name. My sight was inhibited by the nausea and the thick fog. Everything was a blur to me. My shoulders were sore as if I had just carried a load of objects.

Still, the rustle of the leaves was nearby as another strong breeze blew. The hair on my skin stood up for it was freezing. In the fog, my sight was limited to 3 feet in front of me. The street I was lying on was familiar but again, no flashbacks, no memory, no nothing. However, I was here for a reason that I knew.

A welcome sign was besides me. It said " We are all in Disturbia." The ambiance had became more eerie.

"Anyone there!" I yelled. The only voice that replied back was my own echo. I was alone. Perplexed and lonely, I started to stroll through the street, yelling the same thing over and over. Nothing. Not a single sound except for my footsteps. At the sides were buildings rose up into the seemingly visible sky. The air was dense and it seemed to become colder the more steps I took.

To make matter worse, I was starting to recall some of my past and they were all painful to bear.
My memories, I recollect all the hurtful events. The day my heart was slew by abandonment. The moments I was drown by my own tears. The time I fell into a whirlpool of despair. The days I became a victim of alcohol. Scenes of me wallowing in solitude.

My stroll turned into a jog for I couldn't stand it. I ran and ran deeper into the fog as my eyes became watery. The pain was unbearable. I stopped and screamed. Waiting for someone to save me from this sorrow. All of the sudden, I saw people shuffling towards me from the far end.

Their face were shrouded by the fog but I could still see their silhouettes. Thinking they were my savior, I rushed towards them. Hope built up in my heart. Unfortunately, it was a false one. As I ran up to one of the strangers with his back turned towards me, I tapped his shoulder, asking where I was. Horror smacked me right in my gut for the guy had a disfigured and bloodied face.

He strangled me and let out a terrifying moan. The others, disfigured as well, began to advance towards me. I tried to fight it but the grip was strong. I couldn't breathe. My strength was drained. The others hurdled over me, grabbing all my limbs as if they wanted to tear me into pieces. My lungs were flaming up by then. I was suffocating. Then, I blacked out.

I could hear the people crying helplessly. I woke up. The fog was still there but my sight was clear. I remembered everything but I wished I didn't. Looking up towards the sky, a storm was marching its way towards me. The sky was full of pollutants as always. The results of gun powder and the emission of hatred.

I was still in Disturbia even though I'm wide awake.

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