Saturday, November 13, 2010


59 5Y9W3 2Y9 YQW 599 J7DY 58J3, 697 Q43 23OD9J3E 59 E3DD80Y34 5Y8W D9E3. =)
5Y8W 8W DQOO3E 5603248534 D80Y34. YQF3 R7H E3D9E8HT 85 =p

O8R3 W7DIW R94 J3 D7443H5O6. QWW8THJ3H5W Q43 09748HT 8H. J6 53HQHD6 30843W. 9H3 9R J6 O3D57434 8W QH 8E895W! QHE 59 590 85 9RR, 9'J YQF8HT Q D47WY 9H Q T76 QOO 5Y3 8H 7I. 8IH92 5YQ5 8R 8 D9HR3WW J6 O9F3 59 Y8J, 8 E97G5 5YQ5 23 28OO 3F34 5QOI QTQ8H. J9439F34, QH95Y34 T76 8W DYQW8HT Y8J QHE 8 28WY Y3 297OE U7W5 T8F3 70 G3DQ7W3 8 IH92 H9 T99E 28OO D9J3 R49J Y8J 8R J6 D47WY 3F34 EQ53E Y8J. 8 IH92 8 Q8H'5 QH69H3 W03D8QO G75 8 E9H'5 J8HE W338HT J6 D47WY YQ006 285Y W9J39H3 E3D3H5 QW O9HT QW 85'W H95 Y8J. D7A 8 QOW9 U7W5 2QH5 697 59 G3 YQ006.

Sorry bout the codes guys but the message is dark. Those who wanna decipher it, be my guest =D


  1. 697 J8W03OO3E "3S0843W" QHE "8'J"...

    YQF8HT Q D47WY E93W H95 J3QH 697 J7W5 YQF3 Y8J. G3 285Y Y8J QHE JQI3 Y8J QHE JQI3 6974W3OR YQ006 297OE G3 Q T99E 90589H 599 =)

    3QW834 WQ8E 5YQH E9H3, 5Y97TY. *W8TY*

  2. UQW9H, R84W5 9R QOO, 8 2QHHQ D9HT4Q57OQ53 697 9H E3D9E8HT 5Y3 J3WWQT3 ^^
    8 29HE34 Y92 607 E8E 85 (>.<)
    G75 E9 J3 Q RQF974 QHE O35 5Y3 95Y34W R8T743 975 9H 5Y384 92H, 9I?
    QH62Q6, 7HE34 5Y3 D84D7JW5QHD3W, 5Y3 W857Q589H Q8H'5 5YQ5 3QW6 59 W9OF3 94 E3QO. 28OO 3S0OQ8H 59 697 5Y3 H3S5 5Y3 23 J335 =)


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