Thursday, November 11, 2010

Time Time; Money Money

This is a story about a kid who wasted too much time wasting his money and other's as well. =P

Earlier today, this kid went to class to find that the lecturer ain't there. As a matter of fact, it was supposed to be an Independence Study Day. So students were supposed to stay in class and finished whatever the lecturers provided the students to do with them MIA in class. (Do not ask me what is Independence Study Day cuz this is the first time I heard of it as well)

The only class the kid had was Psychology but he a
lready did the assignment given by the lecturer. He ended up helping the others with their work and wasted a morning. Then, a friend called him out for lunch. So, they along with another friend went to the newly opened Restaurant Toilet Concept in Sunway Pyramid where everything is based on a typical toilet.
They have sinks as tables, toilet seats as seats and mini toilets as plates. They even have ice cream in the shape of...well, something that were supposed to be in the toilet. XD To be a bit vulgar, it was in the shape of shit.
(ain't it cute ^^)

Actually, it was the second time the kid had been to the restaurant but not of the same location. The first was in Sungai Wang. Anyway, money was wasted here since the food were a bit pricey along with tax.

Next, the kid and his friend went to Carl's Junior to online. A while later the friend left and the kid stayed behind, watching youtube video and reading boring articles (for class purposes). This was when time was really wasted as the kid remained there from 3pm until 7pm with the notebook screen in front of him. Also, it was a waste of money but not for the kid but the fast-food outlet.

One thing you have to know about this sly kid. He have to drink a lot liquid due to some medical condition. So, the devious kid bought a small cup of drink, cost around RM3.65. As you all know, Carl's J allows free refill. 10 to 20 cups later, the kid was still thirsty. =3

The drinks the kid consumed were Iced Tea, Iced Lemon Tea, Coke,
Sarsi and more Iced Tea. By 7pm or so, the owner came forward to the kid and asked him to leave since the place was packing fast and he wanted to make business not losing it. Basically, he was kicking the kid out. Without any choice, the still thirsty kid left (cursing along the way XD)

So, time was wasted, money was wasted, others' money was wasted. Right now, the kid is wasting time yet again typing this thing in another outlet, slowly draining their revenue~~~
evil bunny >=)


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