Tuesday, November 16, 2010


So I have to write two short essays as part of my English homeworks. So I thought about posting it here for you faithful readers to check on it. I'm trying to improve my writing skills and what better way than to have you guys helping me =) .No plagiarism!!! HAHA

Essay 1:


Life is always full of frustration and mine is no exception. We as humans will get frustrated over even the most trivial matters like deciding what to wear or choosing which restaurants to eat. The choices are simple yet we make it seems so complex. That is the outcome of frustration. Sometimes, frustration associates with irritation.

As I recalled, when I was still 5 years old, I would turn on the television and watch Power Rangers every week. The variety of Rangers and their futuristic robots, called Zords, caught my attention on first glance. I would always be in awe whenever they summoned their individual Zords. However, the frustration came when my Dad asked me which Ranger I admired the most. After hours of pondering, I found myself still indecisive as each of them had their own specialty. That was the first time I frustrated over something though the matter was childish.

Years went by, I had matured, along with my frustrations. Even though some of them were still juvenile matters, most of them were dilemmas concerning my future as I progressed into adulthood. I required the consult of friends and family regarding random issues and if I could not acquire my answer to my problems, my thoughts became suicidal and life would seem meaningless to me. That was when the severity of my frustration kicked in. Also, I would develop an excruciating headache, unmatched to even the most extreme physical pain. For instance, a two-inch cut to the sole of my foot would be incomparable to the most unimaginable headache I would have when my frustration started.

The most recent frustration I had was when I was given the task of deciding whether to break up my relationship with my partner. I looked into the circumstances of retaining the relationship and breaking up the bonds we had. The consequence was I started to detach myself from my peers. Concentration in class was insufferable for me. My feelings were extremely emotional like that of a lady experiencing PMS.

One person’s frustration is another’s daily routine. Everyone has their own definition for frustration. Frustration for the same person but of different age could differ as well. Every decision comes with a frustration and it is the feeling of frustration that we take serious account into the choices that we make.

Essay 2:


He strived. Putting all his efforts in this arduous journey, the little boy strived. There were countless obstacles in the path, inexorable yet the boy eluded them all. He knew not of the fatigue of the journey but what lied at the end of the road. And what was awaiting him at the end of the path? What was worth the tiresome venture?

The answer lied at the beginning of the journey. The boy was just an average son from an average family but he did not wanted normal. He wanted something extraordinary. So he dreamt and numerous ideas and adventure were formed. Based on the unimaginable trips made by his peers, the boy wondered whether he could one day make those trips as well. Like the great dedicated traveller Marco Polo, venturing into what is known as China today, he saw a myriad of things - strange cultures, different style of customs, variety of food and most importantly, a new world.

This notion got the boy thinking. He did not want to remain in his hometown even with his family disapproval of travelling. However, dedication was in his heart and he paid no heeds to his family. The price of fulfilling a dream was sacrifice, that was what they family had warned. Still, the boy was dedicated to see the world. So one day, he packed his necessities in the middle of the night and left the house. The plan was premeditated meticulously with none of the family members’ knowing. Obviously, the family were devastated when they realized one of their own was missing.

Regardless, the boy ventured into a city and he even found a job. Undeniably, the new environment he found himself in was quite profound. He would cry at nights and hide his fears in the mornings but no matter what he did not regret for he knew that this was one step ahead towards his dream.

Eventually, the family tracked down the boy’s location and urged him to come back but they soon realized he was a caged who just yearned to be free. In the end, he was finally free. Now, he is writing this short essay given by his lecturer. Though his dream is still far ahead, he knows that he has completed parts of it. Without his dedication, none of this would be written and through his dedication, he knows that one day his dream will be fulfilled.


  1. If you want.. you can send a copy of your essays to me and I can help you to proofread and ask my British friends to proofread them as well.. ^^

  2. Haha...just copy and paste from here =)
    but this is just a simple essay writing so I dun think u need to do that...lolx
    but thks for offering though ^^


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