Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Moments in Trance

(Warning: Explicit content!!!)

There he was, standing by the door while drinking a bottle of fresh mineral water to cool off the heat. The weather had been been profoundly hot lately but it wasn't the only thing that was emitting heat. His apartment was 10-storey high and the only thing that was keeping the room cool was a ceiling fan. Even so, his balcony gave a panoramic view of the city. It was lovely. The urban skyline has a hint of romance and the ambiance of love in contrast to the usual belief that a city is just a crowded area. In the room, there was ample of space enough for two.

Earlier, we were at a gala with everyone in suits and gowns. The only difference was we were strangers the. At first glance, he immediately caught my attention. Though there was no way for me to know whether the feeling was mutual but damn! he was a piece of artwork. I found myself staring at him at a corner every few minutes. He caught my gaze more than twice and somehow, he just giggled. Let me tell you readers, he had the sweetest smile among the crowd.

After an hour or two of dancing and drinking, I admitted that I almost gone overboard with the booze. Sitting on a chair, I tried to collect my mind before I went back home. Since I was there alone, the guy somehow felt pity for me. So he offered me a ride, I accepted it and ended up in his room. Before that, he actually offered to carry me to his car, piggy-back-style. My gait wasn't exactly perfect, hence, the piggy-back. The mere thought of that made me blushed like mad.

Feeling a bit tipsy, I laid down on his bed with my shirt still unbuttoned. My face was full red by then but I managed to regain some consciousness. The room was still insanely hot. My eyes were closed, getting ready for dreamland. Then, I heard footsteps. The guy was watching over me. I managed to see the concerns in his eyes. I DEFINITELY had gone overboard.

So, he sat near my lap and gently touch my cheeks with his hand, trying to determine whether I was sick or not. The moment his hand touched my face, there was warmth like the kind you get from a fireplace in winter. Unconsciously, I rubbed my face against his hand, enjoying every moment of it....but then, I stopped. A sudden realization came over me. I did not have the slightest idea whether this extremely hot guy was gay or bi. I was making assumption since he was being nice to me. So I shook my head and he removed his hand as he noticed the uncomfortable gesture.

Honestly, I had no hard feelings against the guy and I felt alone in the party. Maybe all I wanted at the moment was a company or maybe I just felt untouched for such a long time. I couldn't figure out which one was it. Blamed it on the alcohol. Again, he managed to notice the loneliness I felt from my eyes. Guessed they were right about the eyes being the window to your soul. Then out of nowhere, something embarrassing happened.

I sneezed. o_o

There was a dust bunny hopping around in the room. He laughed. I was really blushing now. He then said I had the cutest sneeze. I was like "oooookayyyy~" because I didn't think that a person would consider someone's sneeze cute, let alone mine. But I did appreciated his kind words. So straight or not, I hugged him and kissed him on the cheek then stuffed myself inside his blanket.

My sudden action might cause my stay in his room but then something surprising occurred. He hugged me back while I was hiding inside the blanket. It was an unforgettable moment that night. As the minutes passed by, we both dozed off, enjoying each other's embrace.

The problem was I was still wrapped around in the blanket and the room was an over-sized oven. Eventually, my clothes was drenched in my sweat. Couldn't stand it no more, I tried to remove the blanket but that woke him up. I was cursing myself to ruin such a perfect scene due to the stupid heat. Then I was sitting upright by then, contemplating whether I should take off my clothes.

Before I even made a decision, his hands were around my shoulder. He understood that I was heating up so, he took the liberty of taking off my clothes slowly~ one at a time. As he unbuttoned my shirt, we were sitting in the same position, face-to-face. I could sense his clothes were drenched in sweat as well. So I offered to take his shirt off as well but he put my hands aside. By then, my shirt was on the floor now and I was in my singlet.

He grabbed hold of my arms while I was in my semi-awake mode. All of the sudden, I felt my lips touched by his. My eyes went wide and I tried to push him back as I was surprised. However, he grabbed hold of my arms tighter and refused to let me escape. Since I couldn't go anywhere, mind as well let him finished kissing me but seconds later, I found myself kissing back.

His lips were soft and tender and my adrenaline rose the more we kissed. Even in the dark, I could feel my face was red due to all the blushing. A while later, he pushed me onto his bed so he was on top. We locked lips again. My heart was pounding fast and so was his. While kissing, I managed to take off his suit and his undershirt as he did with mine. Both of us were topless now.

His lips then moved down to my neck as he bit me on the neck. I couldn't help but moaned a little. The feeling was intense. He giggled again as he heard my moan. So he proceeded. Then he moved again, downwards more to my chest. While sucking one of my nipples, his hand was playing with the other. I let out a soft yelp when he did that. Soon, his hands were playing with something else.

My pants was tight so he had to unbutton it to slip in. Then his hands worked their magic. I was like crazy by then. Convulsed a little while trying to hold him back but to no avail. He still had the upper hands. Slowly, my pants was down as he kept pushing it whereas as he was still playing with my nipples with his lips upwards. Seconds later, I was in my underwear and I felt exposed. In return, I reversed the role. By catching him off guard, I managed to turn around so he was at bottom. Then it was my turn to tease him.

Similar to what he did, I started off at the lips and made my way down while taking off his pants. He moaned the moment I touched his you-know-what which was quite funny and entertaining at the same time. Moreover, he was wearing CK underwear. Expensive taste. I did something extra to him though. As I was messing around with him, I sort of hummed as well. Soon, we were both erected. Time for the undies to come off.

Naked and horny, our lips were still locked. I was still on top of him and he felt that it was time to switch roles again. Doing so, he found my other sensitive spot. He groped my butt cheeks and I momentarily stopped what I was doing. As a result, he was able to put me in submission. A tormentor himself, he kept groping my ass just to watch me blushed and moaned uncontrollably. I couldn't fight back as I was in submission and his arms were too strong for me to overcome.

Then he asked me whether I wanted it in. Feeling high, of course I wanted it in. However, he ran out of condoms so he did it bareback style. He made sure than there was no chance for me to go free. He fingered me first and I was holding back the pain. Gradually, he inserted his dick in. The pain was profound as there weren't any lubricant. I teared up a little but he hugged to placate me and a while later, the whole thing was inside. He embraced me as he did it. The pain was still there but I had his comfort and sooner than I thought the pain transformed into pleasure.

One position wasn't enough for both of us so we tried several. Firstly, we used the doggy-style. There was the usual missionary. We even used the furniture. Though not all the time, he managed to touch my prostrate and that got me higher. He smiled every time he saw the expression on my face. I wanted to slap him for that but I felt happy as well.

In the end, we both cummed at the same time. Well, he cummed a while after mine because I was rubbing mine vigorously. I couldn't hold it back. He did it while it was still inside me. Again, I felt warmth. We were both perspiring and panting but the satisfaction was there. I kissed him one more time before we cleaned up in the bathroom. He had a shower so we hugged as we both while the water cascaded down upon us. The night ended with both of us snuggling on the bed. Elated.

Oh how I wished this isn't just a fantasy =P


  1. The moment you mentioned about the glaring and flirting at a gala party I knew this was going to be a fictional story.. HEHE.. but it is still erotic..

    It's okay am sure your prince charming will come pretty soon.. ^^

  2. haha...i'm just writing random craps XD

    cuz I was actually fantasizing it as i wrote it XD

    My horniness helps as well...hehe

  3. wah... you got me all hard le.. i thought it was real.. so awesome!! youre good.. keep writing :)

  4. haha but just so u guys know...i dun normally write this kind of stuff so might be a while b4 my next post regarding this theme XD

  5. It's okay I am not a fan of erotic stories.. HEHE..


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