Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hair Hair Go Away~

I wanna take this opportunity to curse my family for shaving my head bald when I was young. Not just once but every time my hair got more than 3 inches long. So, imagine a bald little kid running around, getting laughed at and not knowing why. (I don't care much about hairstyle back then)

Moving on, the main reason why I wanna curse them is because of the aftermath. According to the my friends, if you kept shaving your head bald, your hair would become as tough as nails and just as dry. My hair grows super fast nowadays. For people with normal hair growth, they are only required to cut it once every 2 months. Mine is once every fortnight. Whenever it gets really long, it becomes something similar to a lawn overgrown with weed grass which would require a super-charged lawn mower to mow it all down. Seriously, my hair is damn rough.
Imagine this on my head XD

So, thanks for my messed up hair, family ==

Earlier, after hearing from my buddies that my hair is too long and dry, I had decided to cut it once again. I was supposed to wait until next year and save a bit of money but I had to think of my outlook. T_T

As always, I would tell the hair stylist to cut it short and thin.

The Result:

It's all nice and dandy now but that's cuz of the wax. Wait 'till two weeks later. It will become a mass of overgrown weed grass again. (><)


  1. We are inflicted with the same thing.. ugh.. when I was in secondary school.. the school board had this stupid idea to have all the boys to have a crew cut look.. and now the result is a disaster.. I have just had my haircut today too..

  2. haha...well, mine was when i was still around 2-3 years old. So imagine a bald kid running around XD

    Btw, where's ur blog? I wanna read...lolx

  3. I am blogging on tumblr..

    Hahaha.. nothing much to read la... ^^

  4. lolx...but still, at least i got sth to read ^^
    dun underestimate urself...hehe

  5. me likey your new look rayray!!

  6. lolx...u sure? or prefer the fuzzy old me XD

  7. Thanks Ray... I am glad to have a few more readers.. but I don't think there are people reading my blog.. haha.. but if there are then it is something good.. =P


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