Tuesday, November 16, 2010

~Strip Me~

This is the latest single released by Natasha Bedingfield and DAMN!!! Not only is she stunning in the video but the song is just awesome. Though she ain't famous like most celebrities but she is still good in singing. The song has angelic music as the background. I have been listening to this all day long ever since I first discovered it.

Try it out =3

It's quite soothing...for me that is =D

And again, she looks stunning and sexy in the video...WUUU~


  1. I like both of the Bedingfield siblings.. Ugh.. why can't Daniel release some new songs as well.. =.=

  2. haha...he's getting too old XD

  3. true..! I am currently putting 'Again' by Natasha Bedingfield and Bruno Mars on loop..!! LOL! I love this version so much until I blogged about it.. ^^


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