Saturday, November 6, 2010

Raise Your Glass Cuz We R Who We R

Raise Your Glass~

Committing suicide is always the easy way out of a predicament, it's cowardly as well. However, if people prompt you to kill yourself just because you are different, then those people deserve to rot in hell. This is a matter of discrimination and there are plenty of that in the world. But right now, I want to speak on behalf of all the LGBT youth who committed suicide just because society doesn't accept them.

Don't get me wrong, I still believe suicide is not the way to solve a problem but those who couldn't handle the discrimination seriously has no way out. Some have no family support or friends to count on. People keep looking down on them like a vermin. But we are still people with feelings. It will be a miracle if they even manage to cope with the harsh condition. I'm just one of the lucky ones who has friends to back me up. Still, I really feel sorry for those who has no one to depend on and suicide seems like the only way out.

So now, to all the LGBT youth and adults, don't be afraid of who you are. The path maybe rough but once you are at the end of the tough journey, you will find solace. Just have to endure a bit more and ignore the real faggots who couldn't accept our perspective. We are who we are. =)

And with that, I come to my song for the post. Two actually. One is, as mentioned, We R who We R by Ke$ha whereas the other is Raise Your Glass by Pink. Both of these songs are a tribute to the LGBT youth who were murdered by being labelled. Enjoy the songs ^^

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