Monday, November 1, 2010

Movie Review - You Again

File:You Again - filmposter.jpg
The funny thing about watching this movie was that I didn't exactly plan to watch it. Bored friends and empty schedule somehow dragged me into it. I saw the trailer in the theaters before and found it quite hilarious but never intent to watch it in the cinema. In the end, I found myself laughing as I walked out of the cinema.

Enough about me, the movie was enjoyable to say the least. It stars Kristen Bell as Marni and Jamie Lee Curtis as Gail which are the only two prominent actress I know of. The others I have no idea who the hell they are but you can see the name in the above poster. For Kristen, I came to know her name via Heroes (Season 2) where she played a demented but sexy and electrifying character. As for Jamie, everyone knows her after Freaky Friday. The thing I wasn't expecting was Kristen playing a lead role as a good gal because among all her other roles in various films, even the upcoming Burlesque, she was a bitch. Lolx Or maybe I haven't watch her other movies yet. (Time to rent DVDs)

Back to the movie, it illustrates how a girl(Kristen) has to face her high school nightmare again the moment she found out her brother is marrying her nemesis, Joanna(Odette Yustman) from high school. Then she's been putting all her efforts to break up the relationship. As for Gail Buyer, Marni's mum, her trouble starts when Joanna introduces her aunt, Aunt Ramona(Sigourney Weaver) to the family. The aunt used to be Gail's BFF but for unknown reason, she pushed Gail into a pool on their prom night. (To find out the reason, watch the movie)

All in all, the movie was awesome with severals funny moments in them even though the middle section of the movie lacked of them. Kristen's acting was improving and she was hot in the film. It was fun watching two pairs of people fighting over their past.
I shall give it a 4 out of 5.

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