Monday, November 15, 2010

Tenancy Expires T.T

I was only informed about my tenancy expiry last Friday. It seems that my contract is near its expiry date. So I have until February to renew my contract and this is based on what the management said. According to them, I could still appeal to a woman named Melissa at another office in Sun-U Residence ( the high class hostel of Sunway Uni) lolx. Currently, I'm living in a simple apartment of the college, meant for *cough* poor people *cough*.

Today, I went to find this Melissa woman. The moment I saw her, I knew bad news was coming. First of all, she ain't pretty. Next, she was discussing with another tenant about renewing the contract but rejected the appeal. Then it was my turn. Y'all should know how it ended. (Look at the title)

The reason she gave was totally BS. Apparently, I couldn't renew my contract was due to the fact that I ain't a freshman anymore. I was supposed to be able to adapt to the new environment and find my own place. Those rooms were only reserved for new freshmen who do not know the area around the college. As for me, I was given until February to find a new place. WTF!!!

Guess if I can't find a place till then, you guys may see me sleeping on the the rain...alone...with stray cats...shivering~~~ =S
(I do not own this this drawing. It's for display only. =D)


  1. LOL.. You'll be a hobo soon! LOL!!

    No lar.. j/k

    Quickly find a house la.. =)

  2. lolx...u rent me ur house lo...dun worry, I'm a good tenant XD

  3. lol this is a bad news. I'm sure you rented better room after this.
    I hate moving out


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