Thursday, November 18, 2010

Penggy: My huggies

Name: Penggy

Origin: A gift from anonymous

Attribute: Big round head with holes at opposite ends, acting as some sort of a warmer~

Usage: My hugging buddy

Details: Basically, this big-headed penguin is my first and so far, only stuffed toy given to me by someone outside of my family. Not to say I didn't receive any stuffed animals from my family but they all ended somewhere in the attic. This particular one is the first one outside of my kinship. Even till now, I love it very very very...should i say more....very much. ^^

Moreover, it was my first valentine gift even though I received it belated. Anyhow, I thanked the anonymous for giving me this~
Now, I hope that the angel I gave him is well-cared =_=

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