Thursday, November 18, 2010

Comics: Shadowland

Currently in the comic market, the latest Marvel comics with a number of tie-in and that which I find the most interesting would be Shadowland. Consisting of several limited series and one-shots, the storyline features some of the most well-known Marvel characters (to fans like me only). There're Moon Knight, Punisher, Spider Man, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Ghost Rider and Elektra.

File:Shadowland 01 cover.jpg

Here's a bit of synopsis to those who are scratching their heads right now, wondering what the heck am I talking about.

First of all, the storyline's core character is DD a.k.a Daredevil (the guy on the left). He is seemingly the villain of the story but he claims that he's bringing justice to his hometown, Hell's Kitchen, by leading the secret ninja clan known as The Hand. How he become the leader of a society full of evil ninjas? That is for me to know and for you to refer back to the old Daredevil comics, prior to this event.

In conclusion, he thinks that he is able to convert an once evil ninja clan to do good under his leadership. He has nooooooo idea how wrong he is.

By proving that point, the first mistake he does is killing his arch-enemy, Bullseye.

As most fans know, Bullseye is an arch-enemy to both Daredevil and his once beloved, Elektra. During the events of the Dark Regin (another esoteric Marvel storyline which I can't explain in this tiny blog post), Bullseye destroys much of DD's neighborhood. By the power of "justice", DD killed him the same way Bullseye killed Elektra ages ago. Bullseye was impaled in the abdomen with a single sai (a type of Japanese weapon). *Imagine the pain*

(Note: Elektra was resurrected after her death by, guess who, The Hand, so that she might become their leader and brought forces of evil down on earth. Too bad it didn't last)

Moving on, this is why the other superheroes are skeptical about DD's so-called methods. In spite of the deviant black costume (his old outfit is red), murdering a villain, no matter how homicidal he is ain't exactly heroic, let alone legitimate. After that moment, a fight was ensured between the DD with his clan of ninjas and the other superheroes, primarily consisting of Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Spiderman, Moon Knight and sundry others.

Soon, DD's reign of terror lies in conjunction with other Marvel characters' activities. None of them are too happy about that. Elektra joined DD's team for personal reason; Kingin and Lady Bullseye summon the Ghost Rider so that they can use the Rider's power to take down DD; Punisher is always on the spree of killing evildoers.

The series is still ongoing, so I can't afford much details. Plus, I'm sure that some of you do not appreciate the spoilers =D All I can say is, DD may not entirely be the villain behind this plot.

Here are a few cover arts for you to admire:
Bullseye R.I.P

Spiderman and Shang-Chi, some obscure Chinese guy from one of Marvel archive..lolx

Moon Knight looking all spooky XD

As you all know, Wolverine tends to appear in every Marvel comics. No surprise he's in the storyline as well

call me morbid but I have always fancied flaming skulls
Let's faced it, she's sexy, she's a fighter and she's semi-dressed. What's not to like? Oh and she kills people XD

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